Silk Scarf as Power Accessory; Rosie the Riveter Revisited

by Mary DeArment May 23, 2016

Pairing scarves with powerful, capable women is nothing new, as this tribute to Rosie the Riveter attests. The worlds of wealth, influence and fashion recognize the power of the scarf; Fortune Magazine in 2015 wrote an article entitled Are scarves the new 'power' accessory for women?  with a striking photo of International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

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Other than their silk scarves, what do these women have in common? Independent spirits and individuality. Directed to put their hands on their hips and take a stance of empowerment, they spontaneously presented five unique responses. Here is one interpretation of their body language, from front to back (with the scarf color):

  • Interactive Poise: I am my own woman and glad to interact with you. (blue)
  • Sensible Caution: I stand squarely on my own two feet, waiting and evaluating the situation. (fuschia)
  • Vigilant Intelligence: I am here, checking out the context beyond my group. (green)
  • Friendly Confidence: I'll get it done and keep everyone smiling. (gray)
  • Creative Power: I will succeed, with my own creativity and initiative. (purple)
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Rosie the Riveter, initially part of a campaign promoting women in the WWII workforce, has come to represent the working woman and economic equality for women.

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Dressed for function, showing her muscle, and looking at the camera with an "I can do it" attitude hearkening back to the original text, "We can do it," these 21st century Rosies still speak to us.

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Incredibly, in 2016, women are still paid significantly less than men.

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Scarves are powerful accessories because they are practical, versatile and timeless--facts known to women like Christine Lagarde, Empress Josephine and Lauren Bacall. (All referenced in the the Fortune Magazine article.)


Mary DeArment
Mary DeArment



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Mary shown here in limited edition Earth Soul scarf with homegrown nasturtiums. Sarasota, FL, 2015

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