Silk Scarf Beauty

by Mary DeArment March 15, 2015

The beauty of a fine quality scarf is determined by design and color. These are highly personal choices relating to preference, personality, coloring, occasion, and wardrobe. Fashion editors can tell the consumer what colors are “in” but if you don't like the color or it isn't flattering to your complexion or wardrobe, why bother? In the end, the scarf connoisseur chooses her scarf because she loves both the design and the color. A fantastic quality scarf whose design you don't like will sit in the drawer, unworn. If you love the design but not the color (or vice versa) it won't work for you. 

Silk Scarf Beauty by Mary DeArment™ Scarves

Scale is an important consideration when choosing a scarf. A large scale tends to take over an outfit – so the scarf is featured at the expense of the other outfit components. A scarf with a very small scale pattern adds a subtle accent to an outfit and ties together closely related colors; a tiny pattern looks like a texture and doesn't invite close inspection.

Enjoy the beauty of Mary DeArment silk scarves

A midscale pattern is often the best choice. A midscale pattern is small enough to complement the face and large enough to be comprehensible to those interacting personally with the scarf wearer. The observant conversationalist (or silent admirer) could identify the scarf as floral or nautical or word based without violating socially conventional proxemics. The wearer of midscale patterned scarves invites interaction but not intimacy and establishes a presence without dominating the scene. After all, we don't want others to put on their reading glasses to see the pattern on the scarf!

Luxury silk scarf beauties by Mary DeArment™ Scarves

The colors of an excellent quality scarf will be vibrant and consistent. If all colors are in the same family they should enhance one another, not compete. If there is an accent color it should be balanced and integrated.


Luxury Silk Scarves by Mary DeArment™

Mary DeArment
Mary DeArment



A bit more about Mary DeArment

by Mary DeArment June 21, 2017

I am a prolific and fast designer so I meet every design challenge with confidence....I am insatiably creative, constantly designing and thinking deeply about what matters to me and the world, so that my word choices are meaningful and personal. FAMILY, DANCE, HUMOR, THE ARTS, TRUST and THINK are some of my favorites.
Mary shown here in limited edition Earth Soul scarf with homegrown nasturtiums. Sarasota, FL, 2015

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Scarf as Travel Accessory: Practical, Memorable and Personal

by Mary DeArment May 23, 2017

scarves silk scarf travel accessory accessories accessorize oversized chiffon gifts corporate gift custom designs mary DeArment fuchsia square oblong cashmereTravel necessity: a scarf not only servesas an extra layer of warmth and a headscarf  but it also fashionably accessorizes multiple outfits.... Scarves hold memories. The scarf worn on a memorable vacation becomes saturated in the ambiance and feeling the wearer associates with the experience.

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Mary DeArment Forges Strategic Partnership with VIDA, Harnessing the Power of the Internet and Digital Printing to Democratize Art Through Fashion

by Mary DeArment April 21, 2017

SAFE socially conscious fashion scarves scarf silk cashmere word art hidden words custom designs mary DeArment luxury corporate gifts millennials
“Millennials have something to say” so entrepreneur Mary DeArment, in unity with her client base, provides unique word-based art expressing personalization, connection and deep-rooted values. Fashion designer DeArment responds to political shifts, new production methods, changing demographics and emerging technology, creating new word-art products, available through collaboration with VIDA, a globally-minded company that uses technology to bridge distance and bring together artists and producers.

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