How to Wear a Large Scarf as a Garment

by Mary DeArment April 17, 2016

At 54 inches square, the oversized silk chiffon scarf can be worn as a sarong, blouse, shawl, beach wrap, tunic and dress. Not only can the scarves be worn in various ways, they also allow dramatic, classic, fashionable or bohemian looks. What great choices!

Blouse - recommended over a tank or cam

Step 1: Tie two adjacent corners together behind your neck. The length of the ties you use will alter the look of the blouse. Tie loosely to start but be prepared to do some adjusting until you find the look you like and that allows the amount of movement you need.

Step 2: Tie the remaining corners together behind your back and blouse the extra fabric--sweetly or suggestively depending on your intention.

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Shawl with variations

Step 1: Fold scarf in half; either triangle or rectangle works.

Step 2: Hold the scarf on the long folded side about a yard apart.

Step 3: Execute this next step with flair and in one smooth movement, allowing your hands to slide a bit to adjust. Lightly holding the folded edge of the scarf, cross arms in front, one arm going over your head and the other extending to the side; this is the same action as putting a sweater over your shoulders. You will end up with the scarf around your back.

Step 4: At this point you have options.

Leave the scarf across the middle of your back and drape the extra over your forearms.

Bring the scarf up to your shoulders and allow it to hang loose in front. (shown below)

Bring the scarf up to your shoulders and tie the corners in a loose know at waist height; this works best if you started with a triangle.

santa fe city brown blue oversized silk chiffon scarf fashion designer mary DeArment luxury accessory luxe gift square custom designs

Bottom Beach Wrap

Step 1: Fold scarf into large triangle by bringing together opposite corners.

Step 2: Tie scarf around your waist with folded edge either at waist or an attractive hip height. Allow the square point to hang on one side and tie a knot with the long corners on your other side.

rainbow oversized silk chiffon scarves fashion designer Mary DeArment luxe gift luxury accessories how to wear a large scarf


This process will vary a bit because of different waist and leg dimensions—so be sure to include Step 2 before you go out!

Step 1: Without folding, wrap one edge of the scarf around your waist, tucking in the corner when you run out of scarf.

Step 2: Take a few steps and try sitting down. If the skirt is too narrow to walk comfortably, repeat step 1, rolling the top to make a shorter skirt.

sarong cornucopia oversized silk chiffon scarves autumn colors how to wear a large scarf fashion designer Mary DeArment square oblong cashmere luxe gift luxury accessory 

Beach Wrap Tunic

Step 1: Fold scarf in half to form a rectangle. 
Step 2: Place the folded edge across your chest like a strapless gown.Pass the edges under your arms and tie a knot in back
humor oversized silk chiffon scarves brown tan black neutral how to wear a large scarf fashion designer mary DeArment oblong scarves square luxury accessory

 Beach Wrap Dress

Step 1: Fold over enough of one edge to create a dress of the desired length,
Step 2: Place the folded edge across your chest like a strapless gown.Pass the edges under your arms and tie a knot in back
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Mary DeArment
Mary DeArment



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