Coordinating Spring Colors and Silk Scarves

by Mary DeArment April 24, 2016

Coordinating a colorful silk scarf or light cashmere scarf to any spring wardrobe choice keeps you stylish and prepared for cool spring evenings.
purple mutlicolored pastel spring colors silk cashmere square oblong luxury scarf accessory mothers day gift luxe gifts fashion designer mary DEArment

Spring colors, like spring flowers, can be soft pastels or bold brights. Either way, white commonly lightens the mood. If white isn't in your scarf, incorporate it in your outfit such as a white sweater. Black always coordinates  and sets off the flowery colors of the scarves.
Spring colors silk scarf cashmere oblong square luxury accessory pastel fashion designer mary DeArment luxe gift
Breezy days create more options by bringing your scarf to life. For a dramatic look allow the breeze to catch your scarf and define your figure. Be careful when you turn though that it doesn't fly away!
santa fe oversized silk chiffon scarf scarves cashmere spring colors white brown blue fashion designer mary DeArment luxury accessory luxe gift
Tame your hair in the spring wind by wearing your silk scarf as a head wrap.
amelia island silk scarf square chiffon oversized spring colors pink beige luxury accessory luxe gift fashion designer mary DeArment
The 36 inch scarf can be used as a classic triangular stole.
rainbow oversized silk scarf LGBT scarves square fashion designer mary DeArment spring colors raspberry blue yellow
Jeans, white sweater and a bright bold scarf plus wind equals classic casual spring fashion.
hope blue spring colors silk square chiffon oblong cashmere luxury accessory luxe gift mothers day gifts fashion designer mary DeArment
Denim works for a casual spring look, and a simple timeless cami allows the scarf to be the accent.


Enjoy spring flowers, spring fever and spring colors in a spring scarf. Choose silk or light cashmere, soft as petals .

Mary DeArment
Mary DeArment



Scarf as Travel Accessory: Practical, Memorable and Personal

by Mary DeArment May 23, 2017

scarves silk scarf travel accessory accessories accessorize oversized chiffon gifts corporate gift custom designs mary DeArment fuchsia square oblong cashmereTravel necessity: a scarf not only servesas an extra layer of warmth and a headscarf  but it also fashionably accessorizes multiple outfits.... Scarves hold memories. The scarf worn on a memorable vacation becomes saturated in the ambiance and feeling the wearer associates with the experience.

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Mary DeArment Forges Strategic Partnership with VIDA, Harnessing the Power of the Internet and Digital Printing to Democratize Art Through Fashion

by Mary DeArment April 21, 2017

SAFE socially conscious fashion scarves scarf silk cashmere word art hidden words custom designs mary DeArment luxury corporate gifts millennials
“Millennials have something to say” so entrepreneur Mary DeArment, in unity with her client base, provides unique word-based art expressing personalization, connection and deep-rooted values. Fashion designer DeArment responds to political shifts, new production methods, changing demographics and emerging technology, creating new word-art products, available through collaboration with VIDA, a globally-minded company that uses technology to bridge distance and bring together artists and producers.

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Top 10 Reasons a Silk Scarf by Mary DeArment is the Perfect Gift this Giving Season

by Mary DeArment October 21, 2016

Minnie Driver Emmy Gifting Suite luxury accessory luxe gift custom designs silk cashmere chiffon scarves scarf designer fashion mary DeArment1. Celebrity Style...
2. Meaningful...
3. Memorable...
4. Sensual...
5. Luxurious...
6. Philanthropic...
7. Versatile...
Minnie Driver at the Backstage Creations Giving Suite benefitting the Television Academy Foundation Educational Programs at the 68th Emmy® Awards at the Microsoft Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016, in Los Angeles.(Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision for Backstage Creations/AP Images)


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