Supporting Women Through Collaboration: Innovative Fashion, Entertainment, and History

by Mary DeArment August 28, 2016

If silk scarves made with sophisticated word puzzles represent innovative fashion, Hollywood represents entertainment, and museums represent history, then the latest collaboration of Scarves by Mary DeArment represents an artful melding of these three ideas. The socially conscious brand will be promoting the National Women's History Museum (NWHM) through 1) donation of scarves to a NWHM sponsored event and 2)  Emmy donations which must remain a secret until a week before the awards stay tuned!

4x4 Gift Ornament packaged with Gender Equality Peach Silk Chiffon Scarf

Designer Mary DeArment expands her non-profit collaborations and joins forces with the National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) in honor of this year’s 5th Annual Women Making History Brunch sponsored by the NWHM, its LA Regional Council, Glamour and Lifeway Foods. This year’s honorees are a diverse group of accomplished women representing the many facets of the entertainment, lifestyle, and beauty industries. The event will take place Saturday, September 17, 2016, at The Montage Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA." For more, see the press release National Women's History Museum Collaborates with Scarves by Mary DeArment.

gender equality brown black silk chiffon oblong scarf square scarves fashion designer mary DeArment NWHM collaboration women empowerment luxury accessory luxe gift

Gender Equality Black/Brown Silk Chiffon Scarf

I so welcome this partnership with an organization that is all about raising awareness, educating, celebrating, and documenting women’s history. I love these endeavors as they are in perfect alignment with my personal philosophy and my company’s brand mission: empowering women one scarf at a time. This collaboration will also promote NWHM’s objective to educate, inspire, empower, and shape the future by integrating women's distinctive history into the culture and history of the United States. From the time I first discovered NWHM, I was particularly inspired by the story of founder Karen Staser; her mission resonates with me. I myself am living the life of the empowered woman, embracing the struggle to balance family, finances, and ambition while running my own business.

world citizen silk chiffon scarf blue oblong square scarves cashmere fashion designer mary DeArment luxury accessory luxe gift

World Citizen Blue Silk Chiffon Scarf

My vision is to design luxury scarves which empower women of all ages and skin tones while inviting interesting, thought provoking conversations about the positive messages embedded in my artwork. With words such as Gender Equality, World Citizen, S.T.E.M. and Peace I construct visual puzzles, exquisite patterns, and geometric designs that magically fuse together to create a one-of-a-kind luxury scarf.

The non-profits with whom I have partnered throughout my career are run by intelligent, inspiring, and dedicated women. In fact, many have become my champions as they encourage me in my venture of establishing a luxury brand. They share with me concerns for health, education, and literacy. I am honored to be collaborating with the NWHM; this is a cause I can sink my teeth into.

STEM S.T.E.M. black gray silk chiffon oblong headscarf scarf scarves fashion designer mary DeArment diversity NWHM collaboration luxury accessory luxe gift

STEM Dark Silk Chiffon Scarf

I am truly honored that my scarves will be received by these remarkable honorees and presenters. They include Emmy nominated Tracee Ellis Ross; Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur, Rachel Zoe; Oscar-nominated actress, Project Sunshine ambassador, star of Scream Queens on FOX, Abigail Breslin; and Founder and CEO of NYX Cosmetics and PERVERSE Sunglasses, entrepreneur Toni Ko.

About the National Women’s History Museum

Founded in 1996, the National Women’s History Museum (NWHM, Inc.) is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the general public about the diverse historic contributions of women and raising awareness about the critical need for a national women’s history museum in our nation’s capital. For more information on NWHM or to become a member, please visit

World Citizen Silk chartreuse black chiffon scarf oblong square cashmere luxury scarves fashion designer mary DeArment NWHM diversity luxury accessory luxe gift corporate gifts custom designs

 World Citizen Chartreuse/Black Silk Chiffon

Mary DeArment
Mary DeArment



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