Top Favorite Moments at Inspirational 2016 Annual Women Making History Event In Los Angeles

by Mary DeArment October 04, 2016

To my delight, honorees and presenters at the Women Making History brunch in LA received luxury scarves by Mary DeArment in recognition of their accomplishments and support of the National Women's History Museum. The event was flawless; every speaker was articulate and inspired, sharing with the audience a vision of a National Women's History Museum on the mall in Washington D.C.

Here is my very personal account of the brunch--complete with personal pictures with honorees and presenters. For a summary of the event with highlights from speeches, see the National Women's History Museum article Women Making History Los Angeles Event Draws Support for Building a National Women's History Museum o the National Mall.


Arriving LAX from hometown sunny Sarasota in ORCHESTRA scarf.

It was a whirlwind trip for us; we were in LA 38 hours. Here I am about to "nap" ... instead I slept 13 hours and woke up profoundly refreshed. I am so grateful that I was really rested for this star studded event at the lovely and historic Montage in Beverly Hills.   

mary DeArment Victoria Caspari Sambursky NWHM #helpusbuildit Women Making History silk cashmere scarves custom scarf luxury accessory luxe gift

The picture above truly captured what this event was all about. Many celebrities as well as my colleague and I began the fabulous brunch by helping to promote the building of the museum on the national mall by posing with #HelpUsBuildIt, the hashtag to share on your social media if you'd like to help promote this wonderful movement. On the left the S.T.E.M. scarf and on the right, POETRY.  

Bruce Greenwood Mary DeArment Women Making History National Women's History Musuem luxury scarves luxe accessory custom designs

Bruce Greenwood kicked off the presentations, graciously joining the predominantly female audience in support of the museum. I met him before the program started --and he lit up when I explained that although he was receiving one of my scarves as a presenter, I had chosen a scarf for his wife instead. This picture captures the warmth that I experienced in our interaction.


Toni Ko entrepreneur NYX Perverse Sunglasses Mary DeArment luxury scarves luxe gifts NWHM silk scarf

In the courtyard I had the privilege of meeting honoree Toni Ko, founder and CEO of Perverse Sunglasses and Founder of NYX Cosmetics. She admired the quality of the scarves we were wearing and was intrigued by the hidden words. From the podium, Tony Ko's speech was equally personal and encouraging. She shared her wonder that in her touring of the US although she discovered many museums dedicated to both mainstream and bizarre topics, not one was devoted solely to women. Toni's embodiment of the successful female entrepreneur was both attractive and personable. 





Joan Wages NWHM Mary DeArment Women Making History

How wonderful to meet in person the leadership at the NWHM, many of whom I had been in continual communication as we all prepared for the big event in LA. They were without exception down to earth, welcoming, highly dedicated to this incredible cause, grateful and smart. Here I am with Joan Wages, president and CEO of the NWHM.











Rachel Zoe Mary DeArment NWHM Women Making History Scarves silk scarf designer luxury accessory
Another honoree, distinguished fashion designer, entrepreneur, and editor Rachel Zoe, kindly allowed a photo.


tracee ellis ross emmy nominee blackish mary dearment CUstom scarf designer luxury silk scarves cashmere scarf NWHM women making history montage beverly hills

Memorable was Yara Shahidi's introduction of fellow "Black-ish" star and Emmy nominee, Tracee Ellis Ross. Yara's theme of the value of authenticity and the role of soul were remarkable because the scarf I had chosen to gift to her is made with the word SOUL and the personal note I wrote thanked her for representing and promoting authenticity.

Tracy Ellis Ross challenged the audience about the absence of Asian women, Latinas, and other groups underrepresented at the Emmys. She quipped that although she doesn't "need" an Emmy, she "wants" one and then, amid the chuckles, humbly expressed thanks that this sort of opportunity gives her the platform to address important subjects, like the need for an National Women's History Museum.


women making history beverly hills NWMH Mary DeArment

We had intensively prepared for weeks. Afterwards, still full of adrenaline and excitement, we celebrated with a glass of wine and an excellent meal. Looking forward to future collaborations with the National Women's History Museum in DC and next year, back in Los Angeles. Cheers!

















Mary DeArment
Mary DeArment



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