Independent Women & Independence Day: Patriotic Fashion Scarves

by Mary DeArment July 01, 2016

red white blue patriotic scarf luxury accessory silk cashmere square oblong scarves fashion designer mary DeArment
Your red, white and blue silk scarf can serve as an accessory accent displaying patriotic colors despite the fact that Independence Day activities are typically casual, outdoors, and involve messy food--traits not necessarily conducive to wearing a silk scarf. Here are some suggestions:

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Promoting Silk Scarves with Animation

by Mary DeArment June 13, 2016

What in the world's name do silk scarves have to do with animation? If the scarf in question is a Mary DeArment scarf, lots! Mary DeArment's designs are all made with hidden words. Remember Highlights, Baby Boomers? Remember Waldo, Millennials? Well, Mary has taken that timeless fascination with visual puzzles into the worlds of art and fashion.

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Silk Scarf as Power Accessory; Rosie the Riveter Revisited

by Mary DeArment May 23, 2016

black red gold yellow silk scarf oblong square scarves Korean diversity rosie the riveter fashion designer mary DeArment custom designs women empowerment luxury accessory luxe giftPairing scarves with powerful, capable women is nothing new, as this tribute to Rosie the Riveter attests. The worlds of wealth, influence and fashion recognize the power of the scarf; Fortune Magazine in 2015 wrote an article entitled Are scarves the new 'power' accessory for women?  with a striking photo

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Three Ways to Tame Curly Hair with a Silk Scarf

by Mary DeArment May 17, 2016

A silk scarf as hair accessory not only adds a fashionable accent to your outfit, but also helps you to tame curly hair. Silk has its own shine and also helps your hair keep its sheen by preserving moisture.

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Six Summer Headscarf Styles

by Mary DeArment May 13, 2016

Turn heads with these six summer headscarf styles. Square or oblong, silk or cashmere, headscarves are classic accessories in summer as well as cooler seasons. Wear a scarf to retain moisture and keep your hair soft and shiny.

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How Silk Scarves and Wind Work Together

by Mary DeArment May 12, 2016

poetry oversized silk chiffon scarf square oblong cashmere fashion designer mary DeArment luxury accessory luxe gift wind
Silk scarves, moving air, and sunlight go together like dance goes with music.

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Five Ways Persian Women Wear Fashion Scarves

by Mary DeArment May 10, 2016

persia persian iran iranian scarf scarves fashion designer Mary DeArment square silk oblongPersian women understand scarves. Traditionally worn to cover the hair, scarves also soften the face and are handy for drafts. Whether silk or cashmere, a woman's scarf, as in all cultures, is both a fashion and personal statement. 

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Coordinating Neutral Silk Scarves - Part 2

by Mary DeArment April 30, 2016

thanksgiving network oversized silk chiffon scarf square neutral gray black grey luxury accessory mary DeArment luxe gift
Gray and brown are your friends if they are found in silk scarves. Silk transforms gray to silver and ochre to gold. Neutral silk scarves coordinate with many outfits and are appropriate for evening wear, professional attire and even the beach!  

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Coordinating Neutral Silk Scarves - Part 1

by Mary DeArment April 27, 2016

network oversized silk chiffon scarf thanksgiving neutral black blue sweater gray grey black fashion designer mary DeArment luxury accessory luxe gift

Neutral colored silk scarves coordinate well with many outfits and add a classy touch to an otherwise bland outfit. Silk takes color more vibrantly than other fibers--including neutral palettes. Really beautiful neutral palettes are complex and vibrant.

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Coordinating Spring Colors and Silk Scarves

by Mary DeArment April 24, 2016

Spring colors silk cashmere scarf scarves luxury accessory luxe gift Mother's Day gifts pastel fashion designer mary DeArment
Coordinating a colorful silk scarf or light cashmere scarf to any spring wardrobe choice keeps you stylish and prepared for cool spring evenings.  Spring colors, like spring flowers, can be soft pastels or bold brights. Either way...

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A Silk Scarf: The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

by Mary DeArment April 20, 2016

circus celebration black gold yellow red silk scarf scarves luxury accessory mothers day gifts luxe gift fashion designer mary DeArment
Ten reasons a silk scarf by Mary DeArment® is the perfect Mother's Day gift.

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How to Wear a Large Scarf as a Garment

by Mary DeArment April 17, 2016

black blue oversized silk chiffon scarves fashion designer mary DeArment how to wear a large scarf luxury accessory luxe gift custom designs
Not only can oversized silk chiffon scarves be worn in various ways, they also allow dramatic, classic, fashionable or bohemian looks. What great choices!

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