How to Wear a Large Scarf - Neck Wear

by Mary DeArment April 14, 2016

orchestra oversized silk chiffon scarves orange black brown red how to wear a large scarf luxury accessory luxe gift fashion designer Mary DeArmentHere are a few ideas about ways to wear your oversized silk chiffon scarf, but there are many other options. If you know how to wear an oblong scarf, remember that simply folding your square twice creates an oblong--so try your favorite oblong style with a folded square scarf!

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Scarves By Mary DeArment in 2016 Primetime Emmys Swag Bags, New Scarf Collection and More!

by Mary DeArment March 29, 2016

emmys swag bags fashion designer mary DeArment silk scarves luxe gifts

So much has happened in just a few months! I’m thrilled to announce that Scarves By Mary DeArment is creating a luxury scarf to be included in the swag bags of the 2016 68th Primetime Emmy Awards hosted this year by Jimmy Kimmel!

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New Luxury Cashmere PEACE scarf collection is a hit and a New Press Release!

by Mary DeArment March 04, 2016

Luxury scarves of silk and cashmere paired with messages of hope and empowerment; what a priceless partnering of beautiful thoughts expressed in beautiful colors and luxe fabric. To find out more about my latest scarves, check out latest Press Release, 

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Accessorize with a Peace Scarf

by Mary DeArment March 02, 2016

cashmere luxury scarf Mary DeArment Teal Blue Peace
Imagine a future in which women are connected by a shared vision of world peace. What does a scarf have to do with changing the world? Each luxury scarf shown below says "peace."

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How to promote peace? Wear a peace scarf: Peace is Warm

by Mary DeArment March 01, 2016

Peace is Warm: peace is first and foremost about people and relationships. If we can be warm in our everyday interactions we have added a bit of peace to our world. This scarf design, like community, is a web, a network. Individuals look one way in isolation, but...

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How to promote peace? Wear a peace scarf: Peace is Multicolored

by Mary DeArment February 13, 2016


When this sketch was transformed into a scarf the surprising result was a subtle, multi colored beauty. I love the symbolism of this unexpected result: even when we try and keep the dynamic gray and tan, the luscious greens and warm browns and cornflower blues will out!

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How to promote peace? Wear a peace scarf: Peace is a Puzzle

by Mary DeArment December 26, 2015

How can an accessory promote social change? How can a scarf make a statement? How do we achieve world peace? How do we have peaceful classrooms? How do we promote peace in our homes? As I pondered the challenge of peace while designing with the word peace, I kept bumping up against these puzzling questions....

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How to promote peace? Wear a peace scarf: Peace out of Darkness

by Mary DeArment December 13, 2015

peace scarf black blue scarves cashmere luxe gift
The Paris shootings of November 2015 made me wonder, as I have in the wake of every terror attack, "What can I do?"  As a scarf designer, I have no voice in policy but as an artist who works with words, I literally make a statement every time I create a design. Peace became the inspirational word, and in a week...

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How to promote peace? Wear a Peace Scarf

How to promote peace? Wear a Peace Scarf

by Mary DeArment December 10, 2015

Peace scarf titled "Peace is Subtle"
What aspect of peace speaks to you? Are you a personal peace model, a peace workshop planner, a classroom peace manager, a peace-talk visionary, a peace debater, or a global peacemaker? Is peace heavy on your heart or do you sing humanity's peace accomplishments? 

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What do American Music Awards and silk have in common?

by Mary DeArment November 10, 2015

Quality. Both the American Music Awards and silk represent the best. Furthermore, scarves by Mary DeArment were selected as one of the exclusive gifts to go in the 2015 gift baskets which FXGroup gives to various high profile people who help to make the AMAs happen. (Note: shown above is photo used in AMA program brochure ad)


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AMA Gift Baskets Include DeArment Scarves

by Mary DeArment November 03, 2015

Designer Mary DeArment quips on social media, "I will be at the American Music Awards in silk!"  What she means is that her luxurious silk chiffon scarves are being given to the music moguls and organizers who will receive...


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Southern Hemisphere Meets Thanksgiving Scarf

by Mary DeArment November 01, 2015

Silk scarves speak to women the world over, and a chance meeting with a fellow textile artist from Australia was no exception. Luisa modeled this scarf with her son, Xavier, vacationing in Portland, Oregon. When I explained that the design on the scarf is made with the word THANKSGIVING they both exclaimed that they don't have Thanksgiving in Australia.

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