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Entrepreneur and socially conscious designer Mary DeArment draws inspiration from her background in graphic design, art, teaching, and dance to create inherently meaningful word designs appropriate for many products. Her established fashion scarf brand, Scarves by Mary DeArment, includes high-end luxe scarves which empower women of all ages and skin tones while inviting interesting, even thought provoking, conversations about the messages embedded in her artwork, thus empowering women one scarf at a time. Collections include silk, cashmere and cotton scarves in square and oblong dimensions. Casual luxury collections offer more fashion scarf options for every budget.




Mary's social consciousness and commitment to meaningful products that literally make a statement is evidenced in her choice of words from which she makes her designs.  By using words/phrases/ acronyms such as “peace,” “gender equality,” “STEM,” and “world citizen,” Mary constructs exquisite patterns and geometric designs that magically fuse together to create a one-of-a-kind designs.


Mary DeArment is a Sarasota based artist who was identified by The Licensing Letter Daily Advisor (5-19-14) as an indie at the forefront of the trend to use words as design elements. Growing up in a creative and literate household, Mary was inspired by her artistic mother who is still an expressive force. In fact, the arts have permeated everything Mary has pursued, from education to musical theatre to elementary dance program development. Mary completed her BA in Elementary Education at Goucher College and her MA in Dance/Movement Therapy at Drexel University. 


“I feel that words have both visual structures and symbolic structures. Each word has a particular look – a profile with an interesting shape. Different fonts can vary a word endlessly and yet, even with tremendous distortion, the text can still be discerned. This is because the brain completes what is incomplete – a phenomenon which opens many doors to the artist." These word puzzles are engaging because they invite the viewer to solve and discuss -- thus they promote imagination and interaction one design at a time.

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From her online boutique to the “swag bags” of the Emmys and the American Music Awards, Scarves by Mary DeArment not only accessorize famous musicians and women around the country, but they also offer a vehicle for women to literally wear their word, making a definitive statement in fashion, style, personality and social awareness.

Committed to giving back to her community and supporting worthy causes, Mary DeArment has embraced an unusual and generous policy. Scarf customers can designate  that a percentage of their purchase be donated by Mary to one of the nonprofits with whom she collaborates; this donation does not affect the customer's price. These charities benefit education, women, health care, and child welfare. New nonprofit collaborations and customization ideas are welcome!

Mary DeArment with Tracee Ellis Ross at the 2016 Women Making History Brunch in LA, raising awareness and funds for the National Women's History Museum.

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